In this week’s edition the Colorado Springs Independent, columnist Rich Tosches wrote a glowing article about Gary Flakes.  Different look at Gary Flakes | Ranger Rich | Colorado Springs Independent  In it he quotes the convicted felons (unnamed) wife, (when was the last time someone quoted an anonymous source while letting us know it was a spouse?) as well as Council member Jan Martin in his attempt to reform Flakes reputation.  Obviously “Ranger Rich” believes that Flakes deserves to be elected to the Colorado Springs City Council regardless of his participation in the horrific and senseless murder of and 15-year-old Scott Hawrysiak and 13-year-old Andrew Westbay on Valentines Day 1997.

But if you look at Mr. Tosches column from December 19th regarding the equally horrific Sandy Hook shootings, you see that he will hold some people accountable for the firearms murder of children.  Gun owners and their supporters.   The way of the gun | Ranger Rich | Colorado Springs Independent   His vitriol and hatred for firearms owners, the NRA, the GOA, and politicians who support the rights of Americans to keep and bear arms is obvious in every paragraph.

So in the world of “Ranger Rich” Tosches, if you own a firearm, or support those who do so without ever having used them on another living being, you are the cause of all evil done using a firearm.  But if you actually take part in the murder of children and then say you’re sorry (but not to the families of those children) you are qualified for public office.