With word from Politico’s Alex Burns today that Andrew Romanoff is again looking at a CD6 run, this cycle is already beginning to feel like, as Yogi Berra would say, deja vu all over again.

Former Colorado House Speaker Andrew Romanoff, who helped lead a Democratic resurgence in the state before mounting an unsuccessful 2010 Senate campaign, is considering a run for Congress in 2014. 

Romanoff told POLITICO that he may challenge GOP Rep. Mike Coffman in the upcoming midterm elections. Coffman’s district grew more competitive after the last round of redistricting, and the Republican won reelection with less than 49 percent of the vote in 2012. 

Romanoff said he wasn’t diving into the race just yet, but the 46-year-old ex-legislator is eager to get back into government.

As we reported yesterday, just like last cycle, now-Senate President John Morse is also eyeing the seat currently held by Republican Congressman Mike Coffman.

Both Romanoff and Morse looked at the seat last cycle, and just like last cycle, they still don’t live in the district.

Nor did last cycle’s CD6 Democratic nominee, Joe Miklosi, when he announced his campaign…squandering probably the Dem’s best opportunity to knock off Coffman. Between the high turnout generated by Obama’s unprecedented turnout machine and the fact that many of the voters were new to Coffman due to redistricting, 2012 was probably Dems’ best chance. It’ll be a much more uphill climb in 2014.

How is this still happening? The Democrats drew the freaking district themselves during the redistricting process in 2011. Did the Democrat map drawers not look at where prominent Dems lived before sketching out the lines?