Just when you thought the zig-zag path of Rick Strandlof’s ever-changing personality couldn’t get any stranger, you come upon a BuzzFeed post penned by the serial impostor about the “hotness of [Congressman] Joe Kennedy.”

Denver’s Strandlof is most notorious for impersonating a military officer to con people out of money, falsely claiming to have won the Silver Star and Purple Heart. And now he’s blogging about alleged red-headed hotties in Congress…

Prior to publishing posts on BuzzFeed entitled “Joe Kennedy is the Hottest Ginger in Congress,” Strandlof latest iteration was as a leader in the Occupy Denver movement when they were still in their squatting phase. It appears the new-new-Strandlof is headed toward the path of LOL Cats and 38 Reasons To Love Justin Bieber, as his other literary masterpieces are about a pumpkin with a Hitler mustache and “HUSKY SINGS WITH BABY.”

We should note however that BuzzFeed politics, which published Strandlof’s strange ode to the newest Kennedy clan member in Congress, wrote an editor’s note on the post that “BuzzFeed Politics has no official position on Joe Kennedy’s hotness.”

Since we know Strandlof will be reading this, we’ll pose our question publicly: Rick — when can we expect a more local version of your hot ginger meme with, say, fellow left-wingers Morgan Carroll and Allison Sherry?