With Lynn Bartels’ post this morning on Dick Lamm’s comments about government spending crushing today’s youth, we were reminded of a more recent, and harsh, commentary by the former Democratic governor about spending restraint, or lack thereof.

Earlier this month, Lamm gave an interview to Denver Westword where he slammed the fiscal cliff deal, and in not such a veiled way, U.S. Senator and fellow Democrat Mark Udall.

Per Westword‘s Sam Levin:

Former Colorado Governor Dick Lamm is speaking out about the last-minute deal in Washington D.C. to avert a fiscal cliff — and backing Senator Michael Bennet, who defied his party and a Senate majority to vote “no.” Lamm, who is part of the national Campaign to Fix the Debt effort, slams the plan, saying that out-of-control borrowing has become “economic cocaine” in the United States.

“I think that the budgetary situation is nation-threatening,” Lamm says. “I think that my generation has really imposed itself greatly on your generation.”

Read the full interview here if you have a chance. Lamm really lays into the current Congress and administration for its inability to kick the over-spending habit.

Lamm’s praise of Bennet, who bucked Udall and Democratic leadership to oppose the deal, is striking.

Bennet’s vote, and his equally harsh rhetoric against the deal calling Washington the land of “flickering lights,” exposed Udall for the big spending, fake fiscal conservative that he’s always been.

Guess both Lamm and Bennet have a rather “dim” view of Udall’s fiscal leadership.