Sigh.  Lawyer-lobbyist Democratic Representative Tracy Kraft Tharp is showing once again that she simply doesn’t understand small business issues.  After Democrats again killed a bill introduced by Republican Rep. Clarice Navarro Ratzlaff that would have allowed only businesses of 50 employees or less to submit fiscal impact statements, Kraft Tharp offered commentary to the Denver Business Journal:

“I’m not really clear how this information would be helpful, other than that it’s one more piece of non-analyzed information. There’s nothing in here to assess credibility.”

What an idiotic statement.  The credibility of small business owners who would submit fiscal impact statements is inherent by virtue of the fact that they’re small business owners.  Either Kraft-Tharp fails to understand that, or she is willfully blocking small business owners from testifying because it would reveal how terrible and ineffective liberal business policy is.  So, which is it Representative?

Unfortunately, the bill died in the BLEWD – the House Business, Labor, Employment, and Workforce Development – Committee on a party line vote.  Translation – all the Democrats voted against it and all the Republicans voted for it.

This is the second time in two weeks that Democrats have killed bills that would show how their poor legislation would financially damage small businesses in Colorado.  Last week, Republican Senator Ted Harvey ran a bill that would have allowed businesses of any size to offer fiscal impact statements.  While the vote also died on a party-line vote, it was buried by Democrats in the Senate State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee.

The real question is – if Democrats are really representing small businesses in Colorado’s State House and Senate, why are they so afraid for small businesses to show how legislation impacts them?  The truth is that Democrats are inherently anti-business as dictated by their union funding.