Last week, Fox31’s Eli Stokols was all too happy to exclusively report on a Project New America poll showing that Coloradans favored greater gun control.  Project New America is essentially the polling and research arm of the Democratic party, with donors such as the New Mexico Democratic Party, SEIU, and the Nevada Democratic Party.

If the poll is to be believed, Sens. Udall and Bennet, who do nothing without reading the tea leaves polling should be embracing the assault weapons ban.  But, the Denver Post reported today that the two have yet to commit to Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein’s latest iteration of the assault weapons ban.  According to the Denver Post:

“Neither Democrat has committed to supporting the legislation carried by their Senate colleague Dianne Feinstein of California, saying Thursday they want to study the proposal to make sure it aligned with Colorado values.”

Translation: They want to poll on the issue.  But, we’re confused.  Don’t they already have polling data on the issue?  Why the confusion on the left?  Adding to the confusion are the two separate quotes from Udall and Bennet, which seem to show Udall’s true liberal colors on gun control.

Here is what Bennet told the Post: “The Second Amendment and a strong tradition of gun ownership, particularly for hunting and sporting, are a vital part of Colorado’s heritage,” Bennet said. “Just as strongly as we honor that tradition, we must do more to keep the wrong guns out of the wrong hands.”

Compare that to Udall’s response: “There are legitimate questions about the effectiveness of a ban on military-grade weapons, but I believe that a multifaceted approach, including a ban on such weapons, can be crafted that works for Colorado sportsmen,” Udall said, stopping short of endorsing the proposal.

While Bennet seems to be waiting for polling results considering carefully, Udall stops just short of endorsing Feinstein’s overreaching legislation, which would would “ban the sale, transfer, importation or manufacture of roughly 150 separate firearms.”

Is this yet another instance in which Bennet is leaving Udall exposed as the true left winger that he is?  Of course, then, there’s the possibility that neither are truly “considering” the legislation, but only pretending to be on the fence.  Why put up such a charade? It’s a controversial issue, particularly in Colorado, and neither want to be caught reflex-voting for this left-wing power grab.