In August 2012, Peak posted about a woman named Veronica Figoli, who became a U.S. citizen in 2011, yet illegally donated to Democratic candidate for State Treasurer Cary Kennedy in 2010.  She was upset about receiving a letter from the Secretary of State asking her to prove her citizenship, despite registering to vote with a non-citizen document.  She’s back and spewing her carefully crafted talking points all over Colorado’s golden dome.

Here is what she told AP reporter Ivan Moreno in August:

“I was viscerally upset. You know like how when you feel in your stomach like you just got punched?” Veronica Figoli said about opening the letter.

Here is a quote from her testimony yesterday against HB1050, which would have required election officials to to verify voter citizenship, carried by the Daily Camera and by Fox31’s Eli Stokols featuring Ms. Figoli again:

“‘I’m not making drama, but I really felt like someone was punching my stomach,’ said Veronica Figoli, a naturalized U.S. citizen from Venezuela.”

Quick note to Veronica – when you do media appearances with the same melodramatic talking points every six months on behalf of the left, you actually are making drama, and intentionally.  But, you’re also being used by the left.

But, what’s possibly more disturbing is that the media ignored the fact that Ms. Figoli, as we reported in August, actually broke the law before becoming a citizen by donating to Kennedy.  The media also failed to report that she’s an employee of a left-wing organization.

As we noted back then:

When liberals put up someone to complain about Gessler’s attempts to clean up the voter rolls, maybe they shouldn’t push a person who has already violated election laws?

And, now, building on that sentiment – and if liberals put her up again, maybe the media should include important details like how she’s a paid worker for the left.