A week after we highlighted the Wisconsin GOP opening up four permanent field offices, the Colorado Republican Party has announced their own plan to develop a better infrastructure for the permanent campaign.

Per the Party’s press release:

Greenwood Village, CO—The Colorado Republican Committee has launched a year-round regional field program that will fundamentally change the way the Colorado Republican Party engages with voters and will lay the groundwork for success in winning elections. 

“Over the next two years, Colorado Republicans will direct full-time regional staff and resources toward meaningful outreach and engagement in communities throughout Colorado,” stated Colorado Republican Chair Ryan Call. “We learn new lessons every election cycle, and it is clear that a concerted, year-round effort is needed to connect with our neighbors, persuade the undecided, and build support for Republican ideas and Republican candidates.”

The regional field program will focus on voter registration, coalition building, minority outreach, and other grassroots initiatives. A critical element of the program is its emphasis on volunteer recruitment, training and organization at the local level, and close and effective coordination with local Republican leaders. The program has just made its first hire, Duncan Ferguson, and will continue to add additional full-time staff in the upcoming months. Duncan is a University of Colorado graduate who recently served as the Arapahoe County field director for the 2012 Victory campaign, and earned the praise from local party leaders and volunteers alike for his work ethic and his effective organizational ability.

“Colorado Republicans will spend the next 18 months wholly focused on preparing for the 2014 elections,” stated Congressman Cory Gardner, who has helped spearhead this project. “This is an effort that is going to take resources and time, but the foundation we begin to lay today will pay dividends for future Colorado Republicans and ultimately lead to a brighter future for the state.” 


One of the greatest advantages Democrats had last cycle was their permanent field operation through Obama’s campaign. It looks like Republicans are finally learning their lesson. About damn time.