Another day, another press release announcing that a group of Senators have (wait for it) sent a letter.  This time, the letter was sent from a bipartisan consortium and included our beloved Democratic Senator Mark Udall.  This letter was sent to the Obama administration asking that it explain its authority to kill American citizens during counter-terrorism measures, according to the Denver Post‘s Allison Sherry.

Sherry’s professional love affair with all politicians Democratic is no secret, so it shouldn’t be surprising that she buried in the last sentence the fact that Udall waited for over six months (and a media blowup) to ask these questions.  Here is what Udall, who sits on the Senate Intelligence and Armed Services Committee, said:

“Last June, I viewed the Justice Department ‘white paper,’ which summarizes the president’s authority to order the killing of American citizens during the course of counter-terrorism operations. What the white paper does not do is answer specific questions regarding the scope of the authority and the threshold for evidence of terrorist activity, among other things.”

Congratulations Sen. Udall, more than six months after you learned about this controversial topic, after the media blew it up, you or one of your colleagues asked a Senate staffer to send a letter, so you could send a press release about it.  And, congratulations to Allison Sherry for this amazing piece of investigative journalism.  We assume Dean Singleton is ok with paying his reporter to simply act as an adjunct press secretary for the left, instead of unearthing the real news.  The Denver Post is flush with cash, right…?