While the liability recommendation that’s part of the Democrats’ proposed anti-gun legislation is deservedly getting the bulk of the attention in the 2nd Amendment debate at Colorado’s State Capitol, the Democrats have offered seven additional points to be included in their gun package that few outlets are reporting.  Here is the full list of the proposed bill topics:

  • Full legal liability for anyone who makes, buys, sells or owns an assault weapon used in a shooting
  • Background checks for all gun sales, including sales between private parties
  • A ban on sale of magazines containing more than 10 bullets
  • A requirement for mental-health workers to report potentially dangerous people to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, for the purpose of gun-sale background checks
  • Stronger restrictions on gun sales to people with a history of domestic violence
  • A buyer-paid fee on background checks
  • Required in-person training for concealed-weapons permits
  • A ban on concealed weapons in most parts of college campuses

While Colorado State House Democratic Speaker Mark Ferrandino believes they’ve taken a “measured” approach, opponents of the proposed eight-point gun regulation have called this plan “extreme”.  Republican Sen. Greg Brophy framed the issue for The Durango Herald:

“This is the equivalent of holding Coors, the distributor and the 7-Eleven from which the 12-pack was stolen responsible for the drunken driving accident. I can’t believe how extreme this is.”

Even the liberal leaning Denver Post called the measures “wishful thinking” in an editorial.  The editorial also criticized Democratic Sen. John Morse who is spearheading this legislation, saying:

“We think that’s wishful thinking by the Senate president. We also have to wonder if this was viewed as a more politically palatable substitute for proposing an assault weapons ban in Colorado.”

If Democrats want an assault weapons ban, they should propose one.  Democrats can put lipstick on this pig all day long – it’s still a pig.  It’s just that the regular people who are busy living their lives won’t be able to digest and/or weigh in on the proposed legislation until it’s too late.