Can you imagine the uproar from the left and the mainstream media if one of the Koch Brothers decided to purchase a Public Broadcasting System station?  But, where is the outrage when uber-rich, politically-motivated Tim Gill opts to fund the merger of Rocky Mountain PBS-owned KUVO, and I-News Network in Colorado?  Here is what the Denver Post had to say about the merger:

The ambitious plan is rooted in last summer’s $1.3 million Gill Foundation gift of the Gill building in Colorado Springs to RMPBS. The building, known as the Tim Gill Center for Public Media, is home to more than 20 small southern Colorado media groups, including college and community radio stations.

Also troubling – the Denver Post article notes that KBDI-Channel 12 in Denver and Colorado Public Radio may be part of the deal.  But, Denver Post journalist Joanne Ostrow, who wrote the article, doesn’t even mention Gill’s name until three-quarters of the way through the article.  Might it be helpful to note here that Tim Gill is one of the largest donors in Colorado, not to mention nationwide?

The question is – who will serve as a check and balance against Gill’s very obvious political leanings?  Perhaps it might be RMPBS CEO Doug Price?  Actually, not likely.  An email uncovered by Complete Colorado in 2011 shows that Price is nothing more than a tax-and-spend liberal.

When Rollie Heath, a State Senator from Boulder, put forward Prop 103, a massive tax increase to fund bloat and waste from unions in schools that died a painful 70-30 death at the ballots, Price sent Heath the most bizarre display of sycophancy we’ve seen in years.  Essentially, Price tells Heath that Heath is his hero.  Here’s an excerpt:

….While it is my responsibility in this job to remain impartial as much as is possible on political matters I don’t want to be silent when important work is done. Rollie I do think your effort on Prop 103 was nothing short of heroic. The conversation advanced the point even if the vote was unsuccessful. I am and always will remain a huge Rollie Heath fan and you should know in many ways I’ve chosen to model my own second act in professional life after your own. You’re a good friend and a great mentor. Thank you for all that you do for me and for Colorado. (Peak emphasis)

We just threw up in our mouths a little.

Is Rocky Mountain PBS going to simply become a mouthpiece for the left, if it isn’t already?  Who knows.  The real issue here – again – is why isn’t the media asking the tough questions?