Colorado Democrats talk a good game on “women’s rights”, but when push comes to shove, it is the Men’s Club that usually gets the upper hand when it comes time to decide who is running for high office.

It happened again today as State Senator Linda Newell, a popular swing district Democrat who has won two tough elections, got pushed out of the way in the Democratic race to challenge Mike Coffman by Men’s Club member Andrew Romanoff, a Democrat who rose to the position of Speaker of the House without ever running in a competitive seat. 

From the Colorado Statesman:

Junkies will recall that Romanoff hastily announced his candidacy for Congress last weekend, just days after Newell first expressed interest in a bid herself. The rapid-fire move by Romanoff apparently checkmated Newell before the game even started.

The fact that Newell actually lives in the competitive heart of Coffman’s District, and Romanoff doesn’t even live in the District, doesn’t matter to those sitting at the progressive roundtable. Today it was deemed from on high — Andrew is their Man.

Can’t you just hear Romanoff telling Newell: Senator, why don’t you handle the dishes while the men go to the living room to talk?

All of this obviously doesn’t sit well with Colorado Pols.

Their reporting of Newell’s decision not to run injected a new female name as another potential challenger to Romanoff — Senate Majority Leader Morgan Carroll:

Likewise, we’ve received word today that former state Rep. Karen Middleton will shortly announce she is also not making a run for CD-6 in 2014. Barring a change of heart from Sen. Morgan Carroll, who has previously indicated this is not her first choice for an expected run for some higher office next year, these developments would appear to clear the Democratic field for former Colorado House Speaker Romanoff to take on Coffman in one of 2014’s hottest congressional matchups nationwide.

Either Pols doesn’t like Romanoff, Pols thinks it unfair that the Men’s Club always manages to pick their “guy”, or both.

Regardless, Newell is out and Romanoff is in a commanding spot to capture the nomination in the 6th.

The Democratic Men’s Club wins again. Diana DeGette must be oh-so-lonely.