This woman defended herself from would-be carjackers, according to several web sites.

Perhaps Democrats in the Colorado State House Judiciary Committee have new polling data, or perhaps they really are being entirely arbitrary, but several Democratic State House members on the Judiciary Committee added an amendment to ban magazines over 15 rounds, instead of the ten-round ban originally proposed in HB1224.

It’s unclear what Democrats are trying to accomplish by increasing the number allowed in a magazine, nor do they have the full support of their caucus in forwarding this amendment.  Democrat State House Rep. Rhonda Fields, who proposed HB1224, spoke out against the amendment, and even President Obama has suggested the ten-round limit.  Why not a 12-round ban?  Perhaps a 19-round ban?  With the level of indecision and, quite frankly, the bungling of this entire issue by the Democrats, why not just pick any random number?

The only thing the now-15 round ban would limit is the ability of law abiding citizens to defend their homes and their property against intruders.  There are countless examples of men and women who have protected themselves against home invasions with multiple perpetrators due to their ability to shoot more than once.  Everyone wishes he or she always could shoot accurately, but when your life is on the line, it can be nerve wracking, and it might require a few bullets to appropriately immobilize an intruder… or three.