In this post, we won’t indulge the policy arguments against the gun grab being waged by legislative Democrats. They are obvious. If more gun laws were actually a prescription for making a community safe, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel wouldn’t preside over the least safe city in America.

Rather, we want to focus in on the politics of the gun vote.

We think the Democrats are on the verge of committing political Hari-Kari.

President Bill Clinton has been the most outspoken about how foolhardy this gun drive is. He told Politico that a lot of Democratic legislators will lose their job over these votes.

We highlighted Vigil on Monday. He echoed Clinton’s sentiments when he said that Senate President John Morse’s gun grab was “crazy…absolutely nuts.”

Now another statehouse Democratic big-shot is issuing her own warning.

Reports The Colorado Observer:

While she didn’t speak directly to the Morse lawsuit proposal, State Senator Lois Tochtrop (D-Thornton) echoed Clinton’s warning that Democrats representing purple districts “have to be very careful to vote their district’s sentiment” on the gun issue. 

“I think Clinton is right on for the state of Colorado,” Tochtrop said of the former president’s remarks. “There is a lot of hysteria on both sides. I think we have to be moderate on these issues.”

Are you hearing that West Slope Rep. Mike McLaughlin? What about you NoCo Rep. Dave Young? How about you Senator Jeanne Nicholson?

One of the vulnerabilities of Democrats controlling the large majorities they do is having numerous Democrats represent areas where 2nd Amendment rights are taken very seriously. Falling in lock step on gun control behind their legislative leadership, entirely from the Boulder-Denver corridor, could be very risky to these legislators’ political careers.