Senate President John Morse’s ill-considered gun maker liability law unveiled yesterday seems to indicate he thinks he knows better than former President Bill Clinton, who warned Democrats not to trivialize gun culture or the passions it stirs among second amendment supporters.

As Politico reported last month, Clinton had some wise words for Democrats’ “self-congratulatory” attitude towards pushing gun control.

Former President Bill Clinton warned a group of top Democratic donors at a private Saturday meeting not to underestimate the passions that gun control stirs among many Americans.

“Do not patronize the passionate supporters of your opponents by looking down your nose at them,” Clinton said.

…While some polls show that the public by-and-large supports several proposals for increased gun control, Clinton said that it’s not the public support that matters — it’s how strongly people feel about the issue.

“All these polls that you see saying the public is for us on all these issues — they are meaningless if they’re not voting issues,” Clinton said.

Clinton recalled Al Gore’s 2000 campaign against George W. Bush in Colorado, where a referendum designed to close the so-called gun show loophole shared the ballot with the presidential ticket. Gore publicly backed the proposal, while Bush opposed it.

Though the referendum passed with 70 percent of the vote, Gore lost the state. Clinton said that the reason was because a good chunk of the referendum’s opponents were single-issue voters who automatically rejected Gore as anti-gun. [Peak emphasis]

And Clinton said that passing the 1994 federal assault weapons ban “devastated” more than a dozen Democratic lawmakers in the 1994 midterms — and cost then-Speaker of the House Tom Foley (D-Wash.) his job and his seat in Congress.

Some Democrats at the Capitol already seem to understand this — such as Rep. Ed Vigil (D-Fort Garland) who said about Morse’s bill to make gun manufacturers liable for crimes committed with guns “that’s crazy, that’s absolutely nuts.”

What about other Democrats from outside the Denver-Boulder corridor? How do you think such extreme gun-grabbing measures will play in their districts?

Does John Morse really think he’s got a better political mind than Bill Clinton?