UPDATE 5: This speaks volumes:


UPDATE 4: Just remember, Democrats. There are a whole hell of a lot of single issue, 2nd amendment voters.


UPDATE 3: A tough question for bill supporters:


UPDATE 2: It looks like the Democrats bill to limit gun magazines could harm not just second amendment rights, but jobs too:


UPDATE: The Colorado House Democrats, likely at the urging of Speaker Mark Ferrandino, start the gun grab hearing by restricting public testimony to 2 minutes each. We don’t remember civil unions testimony being that restricted.

The gun grab attempt by legislative Democrats begins today. Well, not if supporters of the 2nd Amendment have anything to say about it.

Previews The Denver Post‘s Tim Hoover:

What could be an all-day battle over gun-control bills is expected to play out in a Colorado House committee on Tuesday.

The House Judiciary Committee is expected to hear both bills, one of which would call for universal background checks on gun transfers and the other which would limit high-capacity gun magazines, upon adjournment of the House in the Old Supreme Court Chambers of the state Capitol.

As Hoover reported from the Capitol this morning, the grassroots energy is clearly on one side of this issue.

Courtesy of the House GOP, proof positive that Democrats have underestimated the passion of gun rights supporters, despite Bill Clinton’s warning.

With a turnout like this, maybe Senate President John Morse should listen more to Rep. Ed Vigil (D-Ft. Garland) who called his gun bill “crazy…absolutely nuts.”