Another year begins and still no punctuation mark for sarcasm has gone mainstream and we assume Speaker Ferrandino is lamenting the same.  How else could he keep a straight face while trying to pass off such bald-face lies he told The Colorado Statesman?

In a preview of this year’s upcoming legislative session, Ferrandino had this to say about the many times the Democrats ignored Coloradans last session:

“House Speaker Mark Ferrandino of Denver scoffed at the idea that Democrats pushed an agenda that ignored constituents in any part of the state.

‘That is hysterical because I don’t remember any time we shut down debate,’ the Denver Democrat said. ‘Everyone was allowed to speak, we never closed debate. Unlike what happened the year before, we limited testimony, but that’s been something that’s happened in this legislature for a very long time and will continue to happen. But everyone had a say.’

‘There’s a difference between having your voices heard and getting your way,’ Ferrandino added. ‘Just because you don’t get your way, doesn’t mean your voice isn’t heard.'” [the Peak emphasis]

As a simple rebuttal here’s a tweet from at-the-time Denver Post reporter Tim Hoover:

And, here is what we wrote at the time about the restrictions on testimony time.

Speaker Ferrandino how do you reconcile saying “everyone had a say” with a whole room of people standing, having their time to speak stripped from them?  How can you say “doesn’t mean your voice isn’t heard” when literally people from across Colorado came to the dome for a chance to speak and left without saying a word?  Where does such self-righteousness arrogance come from to admonish the average Coloradan like they were some petulant child?

Don’t bother trying to answer, these questions were rhetorical; much like when you and your fellow Democrats asked Coloradans, “What do you think about these gun bills?”