We have commented extensively on Governor John Hickenlooper’s schizophrenia over a bill that would ban anything more than a pea shooter.

Late breaking word is that Hickenlooper’s argument with himself is now over.

From the intrepid Shaun Boyd of CBS4:

Hickenlooper’s move lines the currently popular Governor up with Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who is bankrolling the gun control push in Colorado. But the move puts him at logger heads with, for example, about every Democrat in Pueblo, and the publisher of that city’s newspaper.

Listen to the Pueblo Chieftain last week:

This week in the Colorado House, four gun bills were passed, albeit on rather short margins. We were greatly heartened that Rep. Ed Vigil, D-Alamosa, voted against all four of the bills while Rep. Leroy Garcia voted against three.

…Sen. Angela Giron, who has had to face pro-gun constituents twice recently and who will hear more during a town hall session on Saturday, should listen to those constituents. We’d be glad to announce she’s broken with her metro area Democrats just as Reps. Vigil and Garcia have done.

And if the bills do happen to reach the governor’s office, we hope Gov. John Hickenlooper will veto them.

Last month Bill Clinton famously predicted that Democrats would lose their jobs if they got sucked into the gun control mud. Hickenlooper apparently isn’t worried a lick.

And with it, there goes the Different-Kind-of-Democrat schtick.