Senator Giron’s Townhall courtesy of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners

Over the weekend, gun rights supporters flooded Democratic legislator’s townhall events to express their extreme dissatisfaction with recent bills aimed at limiting gun rights.

As Bill Clinton tried to warn Democrats, gun rights supporters are a passionate bunch who care deeply about the Second Amendment — a group that includes a significant amount of people who would otherwise vote Democrat in rural areas.

Democrats haven’t listened, but maybe this weekend’s massive turnout might make them think twice.

In Pueblo, State Senator Angela Giron had space for 250 and 750 showed up, per the Pueblo Chieftain:

An estimated 750 people turned out Saturday to tell a local state politician how they felt about gun control.

State Sen. Angela Giron heard from vocal and animated constituents. The town hall was scheduled to discuss four gun-control bills the Colorado House passed last week. Those bills will be heading to the state Senate for a vote in the coming weeks.

In Durango, Rep. Mike “One Term” McLachlan was met by 400 people who probably won’t be voting for him in 2014…if he makes it that far. Recently a recall campaign has been begun against him. On the townhall turnout, per the Durango Herald:

The freshly minted state representative supported a measure passed by the House calling for background checks on private sales of firearms.

Democrat McLachlan, a former Marine who served in Vietnam, and Republican state Sen. Ellen Roberts were at the library for a “Legislative Lowdown” sponsored by the La Plata County League of Women Voters. 

At least 400 people attended the event, with standing room only overflowing into the foyer outside the meeting room.

In Grand Junction hundreds also rallied in support of gun rights and against legislative Democrats attempt to diminish those rights. Reports KJCT8:

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. – A crowd of hundreds gathered in Grand Junction to voice opposition to pending gun control legislation.

While other say there needs to be change, people are rallying for a “Day of Resistance.”

Gun owners from around Mesa County hope to send lawmakers a message to both Washington and Denver, urging them to stay away from their guns.

It wasn’t only in the more far flung locations of the state that gun rights supporters rallied. Hundreds also descended on the Capitol over the weekend. Reports KDVR:

DENVER — Hundreds turned out at the Capitol Saturday to take a stand against four gun bills making their way through the Colorado legislature.

It was called the “Day of Resistance 2-23 Rally.” The event was part of a nationwide pro-Second Amendment gathering.

State Patrol estimated the crowd at about 400 people. All of them were passionate about protecting what they see as an assault against the Second Amendment.

The Day of Resistance was directed at democratic lawmakers pushing four gun bills that some said will endanger public safety.

There hasn’t been an issue in the Colorado Legislature that has galvanized such passionate and broad-based support and crowds across the state like this in many years.

Democrats would do well to pay attention.

Governor Hickenlooper probably wishes the whole thing would just go away.