Guess Senator Angela Giron’s bag man didn’t hand out enough cash to the pro-Giron forces. This afternoon the Secretary of State’s office certified that the Giron recall would be going forward, declaring 12,648 signatures valid.

Scoops The Denver Post‘s Kurtis Lee:

The Colorado secretary of state’s office announced Monday that organizers submitted more than enough valid signatures for a recall election of Democratic Sen. Angela Giron, making the Pueblo lawmaker the second Democrat in less than a week now faced with a fall election that could lead to their ouster from office for backing stricter gun laws.

Organizers with Pueblo Freedom and Rights submitted more than 13,500 signatures to the secretary of state’s office and had 12,648 verified Monday. They needed about 11,300 verified for a recall election and outpaced that figure by about 1,300.

Especially shocking about this news is Pueblo Freedom and Rights is an entirely volunteer group, made up of political neophytes, making this one of the top success stories of grassroots action in a very long time.

The signature validity rate was a little under 95%, surely one of the highest in Colorado history.

Senator Giron comes from a heavily Democratic district, but one in which gun rights are taken very seriously. Boulder or Aspen, it’s not. During the legislative session, Giron held a townhall meeting in a space for 250 and 750 people showed up to express their anger with her anti-gun votes.

Making matters worse for her is that her local paper, the Pueblo Chieftain, is no fan of her, nor her gun votes.

Giron better get her act together fast. And no, Angela, 12,648 of your constituents did not sign the petition to recall you because of racism. Better come up with a better message quickly.