Spare us your self-aggrandizing, race-baiting bromides, Senator Giron. In an article today in her hometown paper, the Pueblo Chieftain, Senator Giron claims that people want to recall her not for her votes to restrict gun rights, but rather because she’s Hispanic.

Pueblo Freedom and Rights needed 11,285 signatures from registered voters in Senate District 3 to force a recall election. The group said it returned 13,570 signatures. Victor Head, a founder of the group, said the names were all collected by volunteers and were reliable.

Giron said she wasn’t surprised that the group was able to deliver boxes full of petitions. But she said she was surprised at the racial undertones taken by some of the group’s supporters.

“I know it’s partially about me being a Latina and being in this position of authority,” said Giron. [Peak emphasis]

Carefully ignored is the fact that three other Hispanics, both Republican and Democrat, male and female, opposed a number of gun bills this session.

Republican Latina Clarice Navarro opposed all the gun bills.

Democrat Latinos Ed Vigil and Leroy Garcia opposed the Mag Ban, and Vigil also opposed the background check bill.

No recall campaigns have been initiated against any of those Hispanic politicians.

Not that such inconvenient facts got in the way of Giron shamelessly playing the race card.

UPDATE: Rep. Clarice Navarro (R-Pueblo) weighs in: