We don’t know how the recall of State Senator Angela Giron will turn out — it’s anyone’s guess at this point — but Giron and her allies are already lining up excuses should she lose. If she were to lose it would be a huge blow, considering Obama won her district by 19 points in 2012.

A “Democratic insider” told the liberal Daily Beast that if Giron loses, it will be because the “boys club” didn’t do enough to support her:

The Democratic state senator may also be facing friendly fire. One Colorado Democratic insider pointed to tensions between Giron and the local Democratic Party, which was described as having “historically been a boys’ club.” This insider suggested that some local Democrats may be going to sleep on the recall effort because “at the next election [in 2014], they can just put in another Democrat.”

It’s not just Giron’s allies trying to lay the groundwork for post-loss spin. Giron herself told the New Republic that if either her or Senate President John Morse lose, then New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s gun group should just close up shop:

“For Mayors Against Illegal Guns, if they lose even one of these seats, they might as well fold it up. And they understand that,” she said.

And who could forget Giron’s own race baiting where she claimed that she was being recalled, not for ignoring her constituents on guns, but because she was a Latina in a “position of authority” — purposefully ignoring that every other Latino and Latina in power in Pueblo wasn’t facing a recall because they didn’t vote for every gun bill that Mayor Bloomberg’s group lobbied for:

“I know it’s partially about me being a Latina and being in this position of authority,” said Giron.

We don’t know how the Giron recall will turn out — it’s certainly no easy battle for recall proponents with twice as many Democrats as Republicans in the district. But we do find it interesting that Angela Giron already has a laundry list of excuses should she lose.