The line stretched for blocks to get into the Magpul event

Senate President John Morse advised members of his Democratic caucus in March to ignore emails about gun rights from their constituents. He said it wasn’t worth engaging with them. This weekend’s Magpul event, with thousands showing up with only days notice, should serve as a further reminder that Second Amendment supporters are not going gently into the good night.

Ignore them at your peril.

Reports 9News:

GLENDALE – Opponents of new gun laws set to go into effect on Monday rallied in Glendale to celebrate the second amendment and to protest what they see as a weakening of their right to bear arms, Saturday.

Free Colorado put on the “A Farewell to Arms Freedom Festival.” An estimated 5,000 people showed up.

Magpul Industries donated 1,500 30-round capacity magazines to be given away to the first at the event. Thousands more rounds were available to buy…

“We are not going to take this lying down,” said Kelly Maher, spokesperson for Free Colorado, the group that organized the event. “We are going to stand up and we are going to fight for what we believe in.”

As if the historic recall efforts against Morse and Senator Angela “Opposing Me is Racist” Giron, and the 49% of voters disapproving of the Democratic Legislature in the recent Quinnipiac poll, weren’t enough to rouse the fears of legislative Democrats, perhaps nothing will.

But if we were the Democrats, the fact that over 5,000 people descended on Glendale with barely 48 hours notice, we’d be worried. Can you think of another issue before the state legislature that has ever driven such grassroots energy and action? We can’t.