Thanks to the sleuthing work of Peak Nation™ the mysterious bag man handing out cash to protesters for Senator Angela Giron has been identified…as a Giron donor. Who woulda thunk it?

Reports 9News‘ Kyle Clark:

PUEBLO – The man caught on camera slipping cash to supporters of State Senator Angela Giron has been identified as a prior donor to the effort defending the Pueblo Democrat from a recall over her support of gun control.

Giron’s anti-recall campaign said last week that the senator didn’t know the man who is seen on video passing cash to her sign-waving supporters and speaking with the senator herself. Her campaign manager suggested the undercover video was actually a setup orchestrated by Giron’s opponents.

After 9NEWS aired video of the mystery man and his handful of cash, several viewers identified him as 72-year-old Gerald Rosenblatt of Pueblo…

Rosenblatt, who says he is a registered Democrat, insists his cash handout was spontaneous…

The most recent campaign finance record, for May, lists Rosenblatt as one of 16 individual donors to the anti-recall effort, Pueblo United For Angela. He gave $100.

(Full video of the 9News segment can be seen after the jump)

We received tips from numerous readers last week that Rosenblatt was the bag man, which we passed on to 9News. One of our readers claimed that Rosenblatt is a good friend of Giron’s, which, if true, would make the story even more interesting considering Giron denied even knowing the man.

Of course that denial wasn’t very believable after we released video of Giron talking to Rosenblatt right after he finished distributing his “spontaneous” donations.

And it turns out there might be even more out there.

Per The Colorado Observer‘s Valerie Richardson:

DENVER–That videotape showing a man slipping $20 bills to three supporters of Democratic state Sen. Angela Giron? It turns out there may be more than $60 involved.

Victor Head, president of Pueblo Freedom and Rights, said Tuesday he’s waiting to see what the next campaign-finance report filed by her issue committee reveals before releasing what he described as more videos of similar activity. 

“There were more than three people,” said Head. “We might have another video up our sleeves. We’re just seeing how this plays out and how truthful they want to be. At this point they could be legal about it, but they keep trying to cover their tracks.”

This scandal just keeps getting better by the day, doesn’t it?