Senator Angela Giron is in hot water after video released by Colorado Peak Politics yesterday showed her supporters being slipped some “walking around money” by an unidentified man. Her supporters had been illegally harassing recall organizers trying to gather signatures to recall the Pueblo State Senator for her anti-gun votes in the legislature.

We’ve since obtained three more videos, raw and uncut, of Giron talking to the police and the mysterious money man, whom Giron’s spokesman said she didn’t know. The third video below should make that denial a bit harder to believe. (You can see them all after the jump)

The first video shows Giron talking to police, who were called to intervene when Giron’s protesters refused to stop blocking access to the recall organizers petition tables. For some reason, in 9News’ otherwise stellar coverage of this issue they have not mentioned the fact that Giron’s protesters were not only paid but violating the law.  It’s an important fact — a state senator is seen joining with protesters actively trying to impede Coloradans democratic rights.

The second video has some very clear images of the mysterious money man casually walking among the Giron protesters doling out the dollars. Can anyone help us identify this bag man?

The third video is likely to make life more uncomfortable for Senator Giron herself. Giron’s spokesman, a former Obama staffer, vehemently denied any knowledge of the anonymous cash gifts to 9News, saying:

“The volunteers don’t know who the guy is. He didn’t tell them his name. Senator Giron doesn’t know who this guy is. I am treating this money as an anonymous contribution,” said Chris Shallow, campaign manager of Pueblo United For Angela.

Why then, is Giron seen having a conversation with the man after he distributes the cash? This event was only a few weeks ago. Does she have a sudden case of political amnesia?