7/23 UPDATE: George Rivera, the Republican candidate to replace Senator Giron, has called on her to have an open and public candidate forum. As Rivera posted on Facebook:

From the Desk of George Rivera, Candidate for Colorado State Senate District 3

July 23, 2013

Senator Angela Giron:

I’m writing this letter to ask that you come out of the shadows and face the constituency that you currently represent! This is a historical election, in that, a Colorado State Senator has NEVER been recalled in the GREAT STATE OF COLORADO…back room “town halls” with little to no access to those you represent will simply not cut it any longer.

The people of Pueblo County deserve to know where you and I both stand on the issues that are of importance to Senate District 3 and the State of Colorado. If you are as proud of your record as you say you are this OPEN and PUBLIC forum should not be a problem for you.

Senator Giron…come out of the shadows and back room closed door “town halls”, and let us share with the Senate District 3 constituency just where we differ on critical issues like water, energy, education, and the U.S. Constitution!


George Rivera, Candidate for Colorado State Senate District 3

Pueblo State Senator Angela Giron, one of two Democrats facing a recall election over her anti-gun votes, is seeking to prove that she is, in fact, listening to her constituents by hosting a tele-townhall tonight. The only problem is a constituent of hers went to sign up and found out that registration had suddenly closed.

Reports KOAA:

Senator Angela Giron, (D) Pueblo, has announced a telephone town hall with constituents Monday.

Those who call in will get the opportunity to hear from Giron and ask questions about the 2013 legislative session. Giron is among two democratic state senators facing a recall effort for her support of new gun control laws.

If you are interested in joining the telephone town hall, CLICK HERE for more information.

Well, a concerned constituent of Giron’s went on today to sign up, clicking that link. The only problem is Giron has already closed registration:

It’s rather odd to close registration for a tele-townhall when the purpose is normally to get as many people on the call as possible. What is likely happening is Giron wants to only hear from supportive constituents and is managing attendance to accomplish that goal.

We guess it’s better than outright canceling her townhall, which is what Giron did in the run up to the gun votes in the Senate back in March.

After all, when Giron allows everyone to attend she usually runs into problems. One need only look back to February when a crowd of 750 displeased people showed up to her townhall, when there was only space for 250.

Then again, when you are trying to prove you are listening to your constituents it’s probably best not to stop them from speaking to you in the first place.

UPDATE: John Morse has also closed his registration for his own tele-townhall.