State Senator Angela Giron (D-Pueblo), a potentially pivotal vote in the Colorado Senate who may decide the fate of controversial gun control legislation, went into hiding this weekend to avoid hearing from angry constituents opposed to the gun bills being heard in the Senate today.

Reports the Pueblo Chieftain:

Pro-gun supporters gathered Saturday morning at the Colorado Wins office wanting to discuss their stance on gun control with Sen. Angela Giron, D-Pueblo.

“We were hoping to talk about gun rights and our second amendment rights, but I guess she got word we were going to be here and canceled,” said Victor Head, a local gun-rights supporter.

Giron generally hosts a community coffee the first Saturday of the month at Colorado Wins, 304 N. Union Ave.

A sign on the door said the March meeting was canceled due to the additional town hall meeting Giron hosted last week on gun rights.

With Senators Lois Tochtrop (D-Thornton) and Cheri Jahn (D-Wheat Ridge) both no votes on the shotgun magazine ban, Giron is the pivotal swing vote on the bill, HB1224.

Not only would the bill, should it pass, force Magpul Industries out of the state, killing hundreds of jobs in the process, but it could lead to a drastic nationwide protest of Colorado by gun rights supporters, who will refuse to hunt in Colorado, depriving the state of a significant economic boost at a time of 7.6% unemployment.

Giron, apparently, can’t take the heat. She has been called out by the Pueblo Chieftain editorial board, seen signs popping up all across her district demanding she support gun rights, and saw a crowd of 750 people show up to her town hall last week when she only had space available for 250.

Where did you go, Senator Giron?

If you think it is loud now, wait till you hear from your constituents after you ban their shotguns.