The Denver Post is in the tank for more gun control. Is anyone surprised? Earlier today the Post’s Lynn Bartels compared opponents of new gun control laws to legislators who blocked MLK Day like 50 years ago.

Real classy, Lynn.

Why not photoshop a white sheet over the face of Rep. Bob Gardner while you are at it?

Rep. Jovan Melton probably wasn’t amused by Bartels quip. If Bartels is the one doing all the race baiting, what is he supposed to do?

Bartels’ journalistically curious remark follows an equally fatuous story from Jeremy Meyer in the Post on Sunday which attempts to create the impression that Colorado’s proposed gun laws really aren’t that restrictive:

Even if the Colorado legislature passes all four gun bills that dominated last week’s session, Colorado still would not be among the states with the “strictest” gun laws.

Those would be California, New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts.

It would, however, be stricter than other states in the Mountain West.

Mr. Meyer seems keen on writing Democratic oral arguments, which go something like this — Colorado’s gun grab isn’t so bad…not as bad as California’s at least.

Nice try Jeremy. Even Bartels race baiting was smarter.

Never mind the nearly 1000 jobs that could be lost in response to the high capacity magazine ban, or the plastics industry that could be decimated as a result of magazine manufacturers leaving.

The Group that funded the report is the opposite of objective. They claim Colorado would only get a C- for their gun grabbing laws if they passed all four pieces of legislation that passed the House today.

Putting even that aside, everyone knows that California and New York have the most restrictive gun laws anywhere.

From the LA Times:

We’ve all heard the saw about California being hostile to industry. Here’s an industry that indisputably has grounds for complaint: the gun industry.

Finally, the Legislature is getting something right.

According to many experts, California’s firearms regulations are the toughest in the nation. (New York’s recently enacted rules may be tougher, but they’re still being rolled out.) California may soon get even tougher: a slate of proposals outlined this month by legislative leaders in Sacramento would add new regulations and close a few loopholes in the old.

Saying Colorado’s gun laws aren’t as bad as California’s is about like being called the most objective reporter on guns at The Denver Post. It really isn’t much to brag about.