If the old adage that imitation is the highest form of flattery is true, consider Republicans flattered.  Yesterday, Democrats and Republicans passed a measure that would allow prosecutors to file charges over the death of unborn children when the death occurs during a crime against a pregnant woman.

Republicans have tried to pass similar bills over the past few years, but have come up short on Democratic votes.  The bill, HB1154, passed out of the House Judiciary Committee and will head next to the Appropriations Committee.

The bill was necessary because of several crimes against pregnant women during which their unborn children were killed, but the perpetrators could not be charged with the death.

This is just another example of Democrats killing good GOP bills and bringing them back themselves to pass them.  For the sake of the children, we’re looking forward to the Gill-Stryker version of Jessica’s Law to be introduced by a Democrat in the next session.