Conservatives in Colorado were slow to adapt to the 21st century, with little effective online presence until the last couple of years. But while they may have been slow to catch up, they have now surpassed the left when it comes to mattering in social media in state politics.

KLOUT, a social media analytics company that scores people based on their social media influence, provides an interesting look at the digital movers and shakers of Colorado politics.

We’ve decided to keep this list just on state-based folks, meaning we’re leaving off national and federal folks like Michelle Malkin (88), Senator Udall (84) and Congressman Polis (82). Polis probably cheated to get his score, anyway, considering he has the highest amount of fake Twitter followers in all of Congress at a whopping 82%.

Because we’re modest we’ll start with a comparison between yours truly and our liberal nemesis, Colorado Pols.

Now let’s compare the top legislators from both parties.

It looks like national embarrassment Rep. Joe Salazar (D-Imaginary Rape) is the top Dem, while Senator Greg Brophy (R-Yuma) takes the top honors for the right. The funny part is Salazar’s score isn’t a reflection of his own work, but rather being mentioned thousands of times on Twitter over the last couple of days for his idiotic remarks on rape.

What about the legislative caucuses themselves. Again, advantage right-wingers. House GOP (62) vs House Dems (54)

As for the rabble rousers of Centennial State politics? It ain’t even close here, folks. Our friend Kelly Maher from Revealing Politics crushes ProgressNow Colorado troll Alan Franklin:

With the Republican Party and conservatives generally taking a hard look at their lack of technological prowess, might we suggest they take a long look at the success of the right in this state?