Governor Hickenlooper has an amazing ability to say absolutely nothing during interviews with the press. While we’re sure his staff are appreciative, the rest of Colorado’s citizens (and the press) are probably less than pleased to get a stream of hot air in response to serious, substantive questions.

Case in point came this weekend when Hickenlooper was interviewed on CBS’ Face the Nation and the question of immigration came up. The Guv was asked whether the border should be secured before a path to citizenship is given to those in the country illegally, or if both processes can happen at the same time. Here’s how he answered, in only the way Hickenlooper is allowed to:

“I don’t have as much of a problem doing the border security first. They do have to be done together. [Peak emphasis]

But in the end, you do really have to focus on the whole problem at the same time. You’ve got to look at employment, identification, and making sure 20 years down the road we’re not going to get back in the same position.”

I’ll take all of the above for 400, Alex.