It looks like Democrat Representative Mike McLachlan is feeling the heat over his amendment to limit the number of rounds in magazines.  Yesterday in a Judiciary Committee hearing on DUI High law, McLachlan seemed exasperated when he told the committee:

“But I would like to make the point that I don’t care how much marijuana that you have, I don’t care how much liquor you have, I don’t care how many guns you have, I don’t care how much ammo you have. (Peak emphasis) What I do care about is what you do on the traveling highways of the people of the State of Colorado where a public safety risk does exist in regarding the conduct of any driver who is impaired.”

That statement is no doubt meant to try to appease some of his constituents who are none too pleased with his amendment, but it’s simply not the case.  Just about two weeks ago, Denver Post reporter Kurtis Lee covered McLachlan’s amendment and McLachlan even defended the seemingly arbitrary number he selected as an appropriate amount of “ammo” for private citizens to have:

“State Rep. Mike McLachlan, D- Durango, who sits on the committee, offered the amendment to, he said, allow citizens to protect themselves.

‘Fifteen is a reasonable number, and this is what I’m going to ask in my amendment,’ McLachlan said.”

As we reported earlier this month, One-Term McLachlan claims on his web site to support 2nd Amendment rights.  A photo of his position on 2nd Amendment rights from web site:

The fact of the matter is that the folks from Durango sent McLachlan to Denver to defend their rights and based on his campaign promises, they thought he would.  It’s pretty obvious, from McLachlan’s amendment, that he actually does care about how much ammo his constituents have.  Either that or he’s caving to political pressures from his caucus.  Either way, it certainly doesn’t endear him to his constituents.