Magpul  Industries, the state of Colorado’s hero in the gun control debate, has pulled another rabbit out of its hat in unveiling its latest ad campaign.  Referencing a historic Douglas Aircraft ad, the ad announces the “Boulder Airlift” to Colorado customers. From the ad:

“Now, with the ability of Coloradans to purchase new standard capacity magazines in jeopardy, Magpul Industries is working to supply as many as possible to the good people of Colorado!  Similar to the Berlin Airlift, the Boulder Airlift will bring much-needed supplies to freedom-loving residents trapped inside occupied territory.”

In case you’re not a history buff (obviously we’re not talking about us), the Berlin Airlift was a response to the Berlin Blockade, during which the Soviet Union blocked access to Allied-controlled areas of Berlin at the beginning of the Cold War.  The over-275,000 Allied Forces flights over the course of fifteen months dropped over 2.2 million tons of necessary supplies (e.g., food and fuel) to West Berlin and greatly embarrassed the Soviets.

The Facebook message accompanying the ad also encourages customers to contact their state and local representatives to ask them to oppose these extreme gun measures before they buy:

“Magpul Industries Corp. Magpul is proud to announce the “Boulder Airlift”, our program to make sure that responsible Colorado citizens have the opportunity to own standard capacity PMAGs prior to the potential implementation of pending legislation that would infringe on their Second Amendment Rights. The program will be open to all responsible CO residents, (with both billing and shipping addresses inside CO) and provide access to a limited quantity of PMAGs. Remember to contact members of the Senate and the Governor prior to ordering and urge them to oppose HB 1224.”

The most interesting part of this ad is that Magpul promises to create similar programs for other states that are considering this type of legislation. This is why capitalism works and government programs don’t.  When a person or a company has skin in the game, they find a way to rise above adversity to thrive.  Magpul has certainly made lemonade out of its legislative lemons.  Kudos to Magpul Industries!