As anti-gun legislation moves into the Colorado State Senate, Coloradans should wonder what anti-self-preservation rhetoric might accidentally slip from the mouths of Democrats this time.  After all, a little rooting around in Democrat writings has shown that they’ve been spewing “women don’t need gun protection” for quite some time.  Here are just a few examples of where Democrat Rep. Joe Salazar might have picked up his career-ending ideas:

  • PolicyMic: “When it comes to prevention of rape, the easy solution is to carry a gun, but that only works for the short-term. The most effective way to reduce instances of violent sexual crimes is to eradicate a culture in which rape is acceptable, even though it’s not the easiest method.”

TRANSLATION: “We just need to encourage people to not rape via societal pressure.  [Smacks forehead with hand] Why didn’t we think of this? (sarcasm)”

  • Daily Kos: “My understanding is that women want effective education policies, and competent policing and prosecution, so that they eventually get to live in a country where rape isn’t a constant concern.”

TRANSLATION: “I don’t live in the real world, and I reside in academia where we talk in theories.”

The fact is, women want all of these things, which is why Republicans tried to pass Jessica’s Law in Colorado – to ensure competent prosecution.  Too bad Democrats wouldn’t pass that either.  Women also want choice and security – some women feel that guns are a good solution for their protection.  And, that’s their choice.

  • Florida Independent Alligator: “Do you really think you could shoot someone you know — a guy a friend set you up with on a date, or a man who lives in your residence hall or apartment complex — if he tried to rape you?”

TRANSLATION: “It takes someone really mentally tough to defend herself against a would-be attacker.  Most women just aren’t that tough.”

In answer to the question – yes, women can and would shoot attackers.  Self-preservation is a far greater natural instinct than avoidance of social awkwardness.

Women pull the trigger and – contrary to Salazar’s statement – are able to accurately defend themselves in tough situations all the time.  Take the 53-year old school counselor from Gwinnett, GA who shot and killed a 20-year old assailant who broke into her home and attacked her with a kitchen knife, perhaps, with the intention of raping her.  She told him she had money hidden and, instead, pulled out a .22-caliber handgun and shot the intruder nine times in self-defense, according to local reports.

The truth that the left doesn’t want to acknowledge is that female gun ownership is on the rise, and not just in the United States.  Even in India, following an outbreak of violent gang rapes, gun applications spiked.  According to the International Business Times, “Typically, about one-fifth of all gun applicants are women, the Times of India reported – but since the Dec. 16 gang-rape, that proportion has spiked to more than one-third.”

Women understand that they’re at a disadvantage in any threatening situation due to size and strength alone.  That’s why women more frequently are buying guns – they understand the stakes and are responding appropriately.