Consider this more public service announcement than blog post or analysis — don’t miss the O’Reilly Factor tonight.

Speaker Mark Ferrandino (D-Bad Press) this weekend apparently got broadsided by one of Bill O’Reilly’s roving reporters while out on a walk. The O’Reilly reporter asked Ferrandino why he would manipulate legislative rules to prevent Jessica’s Law from getting a fair hearing. And if the trailer that has been running on Fox News all day is to be believed, it wasn’t pretty for Mister Speaker Ferrandino.

In fairness to the Speaker, it isn’t as if he had an easy job. Explaining why minimum mandatory sentences for child rapists is bad policy is not exactly an easy task.

Worst job in Colorado politics? Why that would be Speaker Ferandino’s press secretary of course.

Tune in to Fox News tonight. Check your local listings for more details. And if you miss it, we will probably get around to covering it and re-airing it for you, our loyal reader.