After last night’s emotional testimony from rape victims over concealed carry on college campuses, one rape victim, Kim Weeks, has stinging words for the Democrats who voted yes:

But, she’s not the only one who testified and was shaken by Democrats’ callousness during the Committee hearing. Amanda Collins, who was the recipient of Senator Evie Hudak’s condescending comments, also expressed shock at the Senator’s lack of sensitivity. Here’s an excerpt from the Denver Post:

“Aside, Hudak apologized to Collins, but questions the senator’s motive for doing so.

‘I don’t know how genuine it really was,’ Collins said.”

It’s not just that the Democrats were inconceivably insensitive to the trauma these women experienced on college campuses, it’s the very premise of the argument that they’re bringing forth. It’s that hypothetical statistics are more relevant to legislation than real-life experience, and that statistics are more important than women’s right to protect themselves. The very premise is absurd, but just part of the Democratic mantra – the collective is more important than the individual. But, this is coming from the same party that voted “no” on protecting our children from sexual predators in killing Jessica’s Law.

That these two women feel somewhat victimized again should come as no shock. This Democrat-inspired War on Women’s right to protect themselves is just one way that Democrats are soft-pedaling their victimhood mentality. They consistently assert that women are incapable of defending themselves, and it’s false. Collins set Hudak straight on this notion in the same Denver Post article. She said:

“The stats are against me,” Collins said, “but I am going to fight because of my experience.”
Women everywhere are fighting back against Hudak and her Democrat colleagues’ attempts to turn women into victims and, instead, women are claiming survivor status.