State Senator Evie Hudak has been taken quite the lashing this week for her disrespectful and condescending attitude toward a rape victim testifying on behalf of the right of women to defend themselves on college campuses with a concealed weapon.

The increasingly left-wing Denver Post editorial board took her to task in a scathing piece yesterday:

You might think a twice-elected state senator would have the good sense to treat a rape victim with respect during testimony at the state Capitol. 

…What is gained by trying to one-up a rape victim and her belief she could have beaten the odds?

And given the dust-up after state Rep. Joe Salazar’s rape comments when the bill was debated in the House, why didn’t Hudak have the sense to exercise restraint?

But it’s not the first time Hudak has employed a confrontational attitude toward a young woman in her way politically.

Hudak’s bullying behavior can be seen as far back as 1994, when she was running for a State House seat in Arvada, making a 14 year-old girl cry and allegedly trespassing on private property to replace an opponent’s yard sign with hers.

Recalled The Colorado Observer last fall:

In 1994…Hudak, then running for an Arvada State House seat, got into a heated argument with a 14-year-old girl over the fact that the girl’s mother replaced a Hudak yard sign with one of Hudak’s opponents.

Hudak had reportedly been driving through the neighborhood when she noticed the home of Joan and Rocky Germano had a yard sign for her opponent, Independent Joann Conte, where hers had previously been. Frustrated, Hudak pulled over feeling the need to inquire why the sign had been changed, she told The Denver Post at the time.

Confronting the Germano’s teenage daughter, Hudak demanded to speak with her parents. The girl told Hudak her parents weren’t home, but according to the police report, Hudak heard the girl’s older sister and pushed her way past the girl and entered the Germano’s home.

Hudak denies ever entering the home, but the Germanos filed a police complaint for first degree criminal trespass.

What Hudak doesn’t deny is what happened next. According to the police report, Hudak “took the Conte sign down and replaced it with her own Hudak campaign sign. E. Hudak then left the area.”

Joan Germano asked police to inform Hudak she was not welcome any more at the Germano residence.

Evie Hudak is an embarrassment to the state of Colorado and has no place in the State Senate.