This year’s legislative session has been a bruising, burn down your reputation party for Democrats. Their over-reach and confidence to the point of arrogance has started to cost them — in Hickenlooper’s polling numbers, brutal press coverage of offensive remarks about rape…and now it’s showing up in Google searches.

A brief review of a few of the more high profile names under the Gold Dome turns up some alarming results for politicians who care about their public image.

Here are five legislative Democrats who direly need some help with their Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

1) First up, Rep. Joe Salazar (D-Box of Rocks), who infamously said that women on college campuses should not be allowed to carry a concealed weapon for fear of them mistakenly thinking they were about to be raped and “popping off” a round at an innocent bystander/would-be rapist.

We’re assuming that third result is for people looking for ways to contact Salazar and give him a piece of their mind.  

2) State Senator Evie Hudak, known for making 14 year old girls cry and insulting rape victims, has become a target of gun rights advocates for a recall…which is exactly what people are trying to find out about when they search for her name.

3) One-term State Rep. Mike McLachlan also find his search engine results optimized for recall:

4) Likewise with Senate President John Morse (D-Camaro)

5) House Speaker Mark Ferrandino, likely courtesy of Republican Rep. Libby Szabo and Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, has his own auto-fill issues to deal with. Or as State Senator Pat Steadman (D-Denver) might so cavalierly put it, Ferrandino is running into a little girl named Jessica.

While Democrats promised a session about “jobs, jobs, jobs” it seems the internets disagree and find the words “rape” “jessica’s law” and “recall” far more fitting.