Drama is about the furthest thing from anyone’s mind on the opening day of the legislative session.

Getting it right on the first day is not exactly a tough task for the legislature’s leadership.

Put on your nice clothes. Comb your hair. Smile a lot.

Promise to work together with the other side, et cetera, et cetera.

But Senate President John Morse (D-CO Springs) didn’t have such an easy time of it.

After Senator Bill Cadman gave a stirring speech that drew on tales of heroism and sacrifice, Morse launched into an awkward rambling speech, including an excruciating 10-minute metaphor about working together that ended with a tale about some guy dying in a Camaro.

For President Morse, a man who prides himself in working (and getting reimbursed) almost every day of the year, the reviews were not so good. As John Schroyer and Charles Ashby sarcastically put it:

Schroyer shouldn’t exactly be a tough audience either. He writes for the hometown newspaper.

The Denver Business Journal’s Ed Sealover (and former CO Springs Gazette writer) also mocked Morse’s speech, calling it “ad-libbed.”

Morse may turn out to be a fine President in spite of his rough opening outing. But if Morse keeps tripping over himself during simple public appearances, Majority Leader Morgan Carroll may go ahead and take this duty away from him too.