Credit: Denver Post’s Matt Milner (full cartoon)

When Senate President John Morse referenced a car wreck in his odd opening day speech, little did any of us know that it would also be a metaphor for his handling of the session ahead. 

More on this when we list our losers (check back on Monday). But we couldn’t wait to tell you who else called Morse a big fat L.

From The Denver Post‘s Winners and Losers:

Senate President John Morse.

He sponsored an ill-defined liability-for-guns bill that couldn’t muster support from his own Democratic caucus, and pushed a bill to grant tax credits to low-income Coloradans that was greatly watered down in the House. Morse also backed a telecommunications regulation bill and legislation allowing for the repeal of marijuana legalization that he couldn’t find enough votes for. Meanwhile, his outspoken support of gun control prompted a recall effort against him — unlikely though it may be.