The State Senate Democrat office, perhaps most infamous for hiring the convicted glitter bomber who attacked Mitt Romney in Denver, has never been seen as one of the more professional or effective outfits in Colorado politics.

With former ProgressNow hack Kjersten Forseth taking over as Chief of Staff to Senate President John Morse this session, the Senate majority team has become even more of a joke.

Between Morse’s painfully awkward opening day speech about a Camaro and the numerous Senators who have become national embarrassments for their comments about rape and suggesting you protect yourself against a mass shooter with a ballpoint pen, the Senate Dem staff have had their hands full.

Yet they still have time to come up with spin that would make even Baghdad Bob bubble over in laughter.

Not only will it create jobs and save people money, but by expanding the government program, the government itself will save money!

We’ve been trying to figure out where they might have gotten this idea, then we remembered a certain scent that was floating around the Capitol a few weeks back. Maybe the Senate Dem press office is just getting better at concealing the smell now?

Marijuana has been linked to short term memory loss, which is why we’ll help remind them of this bit of inconvenient coverage courtesy of The Denver Post‘s Tim Hoover from 2011:

Two years after lawmakers expanded Medicaid to cover poor adults without children, the state is vastly scaling back the program because the number of people eligible for coverage is nearly three times as high as first projected and the cost of insuring them is almost nine times original estimates.

The new coverage followed the 2009 passage of major health care legislation that allowed the state to impose a fee on hospitals while drawing down matching federal money to expand Medi caid coverage.

A bit of friendly advice, Senate Dems: Lay off the reefer, dudes.