The liberal Public Policy Polling’s most recent statewide poll uncovered an amazing bit of information – Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper’s favorability has taken a huge hit over the past five months. Since November, Hick’s disapprovals have gone from 26% to 44%.  At the same time, his approvals numbers have taken a 2% hit, representing a stunning 20 point drop in favorability.

These numbers are revealing in that they show Hick is increasingly unsuccessful at hugging the middle of the road.  The numbers also reveal how the Colorado House and Senate Democrats’ radical left wing agenda has damaged his moderate cred.  Of course, the fact that Hickenlooper has seconded his leadership role and responsibilities to East Coast politicians doesn’t help.  This was particularly true during the Dems’ gun grab this session, which they’ve admitted has nothing to do with actually preventing violence.

The gun grab had everything to do with the agendas of President Obama, Vice President Biden, who personally lobbied Democratic members of Colorado’s legislature, and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who funds the whole outfit with Mayors Against Illegal Guns.  Colorado elected a governor to lead Colorado.  It’s worse than poor leadership, it’s almost as if he’s betrayed his position by not sticking up for Colorado under the pressure from East Coast liberals.

In the end, PPP’s analysis of the head to head doesn’t matter at this point because no one is paying attention to Republicans who might run.  What does matter is that Hick’s seriously softening numbers will almost surely earn him a serious challenger.

UPDATE: An astute reader accurately pointed out that Hickenlooper barely cracks 50% against any of the Republicans that they matched him against.  That’s pretty bad news for the world’s allegedly most likeable governor.  Nobody’s even attacked him yet – wait until the hits start.

UPDATE 2: Do you think maybe next time Governor Hickenlooper will take that meeting with the Sheriffs and Magpul?

UPDATE 3: It is time to end the most popular governor meme once and for all. Most commentators have a tendency to forget Hickenlooper only managed to get 51% of the vote even in the midst of GOP chaos in 2010. After 2 plus years of lovey-dovey press, Hick is frozen…51%. Hickenlooper has never had a barrage of negative TV ads run against him since becoming governor. Not a single time. And still, 51%. Liberal bloggers can cheer that all they want. We’d guess that the inner circle of President Hickenlooper is not.

Update 4: One would think that Hickenlooper’s hard line pro-industry stance on fracking might have cost him with liberals, and that might be part of what is at work here. It hasn’t and it isn’t, at least so this poll says. Hickenlooper has a 94% approval rating with voters self-described as “very liberal.” The vast majority of Hickenlooper’s favorability downturn is due to a loss of support with independents and moderate Republicans. Quick, someone get Magpul on the line.

Update 5: The first mainstream coverage of the poll via KDVR‘s Eli Stokols glosses over the gutting of Hickenlooper’s approval rating. Hick’s numbers took a 20 point nose dive, but other than that he is killing it. Say, how was the play Mrs. Lincoln?