Polls conducted and released by left leaning organizations may show that embattled Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper may show he’s “only” down approximately 18 points in the polls, but a new KDVR poll shows that Hick may be in worse shape than originally thought.

Of course, this poll is hardly scientific, but the numbers are pretty bad.

The question posed by the television station was “would you vote for a second term for Governor Hickenlooper?”  While the poll doesn’t disclose exactly how many have voted, the results at 6 p.m. are clear – nearly 86.5% of respondents said no.  See the screen shot to the left.

Perhaps after seeing such numbers, Hick is rethinking his non-decisions to pardon mass murderer Nathan Dunlap, back a billion dollar tax increase on Colorado’s families, and ceding his position to New York City Nanny State Mayor Michael Bloomberg, among others.  Or, maybe he’ll use it for humor in another speech.  At some point, though, it has to stop being funny.