In an attempt at badly crafted historical fiction, Governor Hickenlooper told The Denver Post last week that he decided to support the billion dollar tax increase in the middle of the very closed door meeting from where his position leaked.

From a Denver Post article highlighted in a Compass Colorado press release today:

Hickenlooper signed Senate Bill 213, a school finance overhaul, into law in May, but his support of the tax that would fund it was not clear until last week when members of the Colorado Forum, a group of business and civic leaders, shared comments he made to the group with the media…

Hickenlooper said he gathered his thoughts on the proposed ballot measure for the first time last week when he met with the Colorado Forum. [Peak emphasis]

You see, it wasn’t that Hickenlooper was refusing to take a position and had his hand forced by the leaks. It’s that Hickenlooper just decided right then to back a billion dollar tax increase. 

Or as Iceman once coughed: