With Governor Hickenlooper signing three gun control measures this morning, he has earned the notorious distinction of being the only governor not in the Northeast to buy into the Obama/Bloomberg gun grab.

Noted the Associated Press yesterday:

DENVER (AP) — After a no-holds-barred White House push for sweeping gun control legislation across the country, Democrats have racked up only one victory outside the ideologically friendly confines of the northeast.

It is a big one: Colorado’s moderate Democratic governor Wednesday will sign landmark bills to require universal background checks and limit magazine capacity in this bellwether swing state. But the White House’s package is running into trouble in Congress and, even in liberal Washington state, gun control couldn’t get out of the statehouse. Gun control advocates are hoping for more victories to add to Colorado, but the clock is ticking as state legislatures start to wrap up business.

How not moderate is John Hickenlooper? For starters, he isn’t as moderate as Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, at least on guns.

Washington and Colorado may have agreed on legal weed, but even the left-wing Washington state wouldn’t pursue a gun ban.

Washington hasn’t elected a Republican governor since 1980, but for them gun control was too far.

Doesn’t that say it all?