Credit: Marjorie Haun

Up until the gun control debate, Governor Hickenlooper got a free pass from many of the state’s more conservative corners, as his middle-of-the-road, pro-business image portrayed him as different from the average Democrat. With Hick signing on to the harshest gun restrictions in the country outside Bloomberg’s backyard in the Northeast, that free pass is no more.

When you chuck your moderate credentials overboard, there are repercussions. 

Reports KJCT8:

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. – Hundreds of Pro-gun activists stood near the Club 20 event at Colorado Mesa University.

The Club 20 event featured many speakers who were asked to talk about several issues concerning the state of Colorado. It is a way for the members of the community to ask questions and bring up issues.

Protestors were in disagreement with Governor John Hickenlooper’s recent legislature surrounding gun laws. 

Governor Hickelooper thought he was receiving a warm welcome from Coloradans today, and although protestors were excited to see him, it wasn’t quite the welcome the governor expected.

Check out video of Hick’s less than warm welcome here.

As we said on the day Hickenlooper put pen to paper, signing the controversial and shoddily written Mag Ban, among other measures, the gun control debate is the turning point in Hickenlooper’s first term.

He’s led a charmed political life up until now, with very little active opposition to his leadership. While Democrats in the Legislature were not spared the rod by Republicans, Governor Hickenlooper largely avoided being attacked or having his efforts opposed. 

Those days are over.