Sen. Giron hugs Kim Weeks after confirming her “no” vote on Concealed Carry Ban on campus at 6:55pm

UPDATE 4: Revealing Politics just published an op-ed by rape survivor Kim Weeks, who shares her horrifying experience at the hands of a rapist who stayed in her home for two hours as he raped her.  A must read, but not for the faint of heart.  Kudos to Kim for having the courage to share her experience with the world.  Did this op-ed cause Sen. Giron to change her vote?

UPDATE 3: There has been no word yet on how successful Mayor Bloomberg’s lobbyist, Adam “Machine Gun” Eichberg has been on forcing the concealed carry bill to the Senate floor. He’s been lobbying swing Senators furiously, possibly with promises of soft money support in their coming election efforts, but so far nothing has leaked publicly.

UPDATE 2: Senate President Morse and Senator Heath should listen to their favorite liberal blogs. They say the concealed carry bill has been a public relations disaster for Democrats, and that spiking the bill would make most sense. As Colorado Pols wrote after it was reported the bill was dead: “Democrats believe this leaves them in a more defensible position, and at this point, they’re probably right.”

Listen to your liberal base. End the public relations disaster and kill the “whistle” bill.

UPDATE: Senator Rollie Heath now saying he may bring the bill up. He-Said-She-Said civil war within Democratic Caucus playing out in full view thanks to Lynn Bartel’s coverage. Wanna bet whether Mayor Bloomberg’s top lobbyist (a.ka. Machine Gun Eichberg) or Joe Biden had something to do with Senator Heath changing his mind? 

Let there be no doubt at all, the tail is wagging the dog and the Democratic Senators themselves are just along for the ride. Bloomberg and Biden should just come down here and cast votes.Until then, it is chaos, pure chaos, in Democrat Senator Land.


After a hard fought battle by gun rights supporters, online and on the ground, legislative Democrats have decided to pull their bill banning concealed carry on college campuses.

Breaking just now via The Denver Post‘s Lynn Bartels and Kurtis Lee:

The sponsor of a bill banning concealed weapons on college campuses plans to kill his measure Friday, Democrats have confirmed.

Four Democratic sources close to the matter said the bill’s sponsor, Rollie Heath, D-Boulder, plans to kill the bill and it won’t be brought up for debate on the Senate floor.

House Bill 1226 already cleared the House and a Senate committee earlier this week amid controversial comments made by a House Democrat and one in the Senate about rape on college campuses.

Republicans have hammered Democrats over the rape remarks, jeopardizing a bill that already was in trouble. Two Democratic senators had openly said they were against it, Republicans needed only one more Democrat to kill the measure.

This is just the first battle in a larger war to stop the Democrats gun grab.

The next battle is stopping HB1224, the ban on standard capacity magazines over 15 rounds, that would kill hundreds, if not thousands, of Colorado jobs. Magpul Industries, and a number of companies reliant on Magpul’s business, will leave the state if the bill passes.

Not only that, but the Outdoor Channel has threatened to leave the state if it passes too.

Save Colorado jobs, stop HB1224. Spread the word.

And if you’re tweeting today, make sure to use the hashtags #COleg and #StandWithBrophy.

A reminder of how we got here, per 9News’ Kyle Clark:

As Colorado Public Radio’s Megan Verlee reports it was our loyal readers of Peak Nation™ and Revealing Politics that helped crush this bill: