UPDATE: The bright spots of the evening were that two bills, HB1226 (concealed carry on college campuses) and SB196 (liability for gun manufacturers) were killed by their respective sponsors instead of facing a mortifying defeat in the Senate.

As of the end of the evening, five of the Democrats’ gun packages are still on the table.  The following are headed to a final (and, yes, recorded) vote in the Senate on Monday: HB1228, HB1224, and HB1229.  If this tranche of bills passes in the Senate on Monday, they go to Hick’s desk for his signature or veto.  Yes, Chickenlooper, all eyes will be on you.

The bills introduced in the Senate, SB195 and SB197, also are up for a final (and recorded) vote on Monday.  If those bills pass on Monday, they will go to the House to start the process again.

Here’s a quick update on where the seven pieces of proposed gun package legislation are in the Senate.  First, the bills that have passed the House already:

  • HB1228: To require purchasers to pay for mandatory background checks PASSED ON VOICE VOTE
  • HB1224: To ban magazines that would hold more than 15 rounds.  The Senate is currently debating the bill
  • HB1229: To require universal background checks, including on private transfer of guns PASSED ON VOICE VOTE
  • HB1226: To add college campuses to the list of places exempt from concealed carry allowances Rumor has it that the bill is dead, but we have no official confirmation.  The Denver Post reported this earlier based on information from four Democratic Senators, but the bill hasn’t been officially pulled.

Regarding voice votes, these bills will not end up on Hickenlooper’s desk without an official (and recorded) final vote.  Don’t worry, Peak Nation™, you will soon learn where everyone stands.  Speaking of counting votes, a source somewhat removed from the state capitol has told us that the two legislators that are wavering in their support of these bills are Democrats Linda Newell and Andy Kerr.  If they are your legislators, please feel free to let them know your opinion on these bills.  Please keep it classy.

Back to the bills that were born in the Senate:

  • SB195 – To ban online firearm training and defines a “handgun training class” as a physical location at which a certified instructor offers a course (i.e., no online or video courses) PASSED ON VOICE VOTE
  • SB196 – To hold liable manufacturers and sellers of certain semi-automatic weapons in Colorado for crimes committed with the guns they’ve manufactured or sold Hasn’t yet been heard or debated
  • SB197 – To prevent anyone convicted of domestic violence or who has been the subject of a restraining order from possessing a gun PASSED ON VOICE VOTE

Again, please remember that those pieces of legislation that have passed on a voice vote must still stand for a final, recorded vote.  We will keep you posted as the night progresses.  Stay tuned.