The bill banning guns with more than a few rounds passed the Senate on a preliminary vote Friday, and there are two Senators who more than any other deserve the thanks.

Senator Andy Kerr. And Senator Angela Giron.

For Kerr, falling in line is predictable. Kerr has never been an important player in the legislature because he is a partisan boob.

Giron’s cave to the gun-control gods is a little more surprising, and perilous. Everyone else in Pueblo has taken a firm line against the bill. The Pueblo Chieftain has hammered the proposal. And a poll from Public Opinion Strategies shows overwhelming opposition to the gun package. 

So what gives? Partisanship and money, that is what.

Those live at the Senate yesterday saw President Morse constantly over Giron’s shoulder. Unfortunately for Giron, the Chieftain’s front page memorialized Morse and the Pueblo Senator yucking it up. And Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s lobbyists, including the famous “Machine Gun” Eichberg, were always pulling Morse’s strings.

With that, Giron quietly fell in line.

Partisanship before Pueblo – it is the Giron way. On Friday the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners Association threatened to recruit a Democratic primary challenger for Giron. After this morning’s Pueblo Chieftain, we have a pretty good guess about the case a challenger would make to send Giron packing. 

Maybe something like…If you want a Colorado Springs Senator representing Pueblo, vote for Giron.