UPDATE: A Hickenlooper spokesperson has responded to the allegations that Hickenlooper has refused to meet with Sheriffs.  See tweet below.  Pending review sounds like the gubernatorial version of postpone indefinitely, but we’re glad Hick and his people have changed their minds, as we predicted they would.

The tweet from Brandon Rittiman:


Democrats have clearly had their fill of the Colorado Sheriffs. The Sheriffs publicly pummeled the gun control caucus in testimony before the State Senate last week.

Every major paper in the state aired some version of this picture.

Sheriffs have also played an oversized role in publicly targeting gun controllers, on TV and the radio:

And Mayor Bloomberg’s gun control lackeys are none-too-pleased.

Our sources tell us that Governor Hickenlooper refused a meeting with the Sheriffs last week. Rewind: John Hickenlooper, Mr. Why Can’t We All Get Along, refused to meet with Sheriffs. 

Hickenlooper is starting to take this stuff personal. First an attack on protesters, and now this.

This won’t last long. Governor Hickenlooper will have to eventually face the Sherrif’s posse. It, however, says a lot about how personally he is taking all this that he wouldn’t meet in the first place.